We keep going to fight the COVID19

Please Note:

Any Price below need an update after you order

Take care of customers and products:

  • We test and check the goods and manufacturers personally.

  • We check the capacities and availability of the goods every day.

  • We do our best to keep the prices acceptable and to update them promptly.

  • We take full responsibility together with our partners in the event of an unpredictable situation.

  • We are flexible as far as the circumstances allow and always keen to help.


Our Mission, fighting COVID 19.​

We offer a secure and professional platform for the purchase of medical products through our long-standing business relationships with China and our join venture partner, including the possibility to offer payment with secure banking instruments.
Our team is on the spot next to the factories to check the best quality and process of the purchase. We accompany our customers from the first step to the final handover of the goods by appropriate inspection companies and help in all necessary and wiping places that everything runs perfectly for our customers.

Wear a Mask if you feel sick 

What we offer:


  • Numerous of different products such as protective masks with all different specifications and certificates, IR thermometers and protective clothing as well as disinfectants.

  • Support in all situations from day one to the delivery of the goods.

  • Different payment options and conditions.

  • Direct contact with our manufacturers.

  • Deliveries directly to the customer's location (CIF) or from the manufacturer (FOB).

KN95  ( FFP3/ N95 )
KN95  Valve ( FFP2/ N95 )
3 Layer Medical Mask
KN95  Valve FFP2
Nitrile Gloves
KN95  ( N95 /FFP2 )
Desinfection Gates
IR Themometer
COIVID 19 Test 
Alcohol  Desinfection / Alcohol Sanitizer
IR Thermometer

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