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Developments for renewable energy  have an enormous potential...

that potential can be realized at a reasonable cost. Market research shows that many customers will purchase renewable power even if it costs somewhat more than conventional power.

However, both economic theory and experience point to significant market barriers and market failures that will limit the development of renewables unless special policy measures are enacted and private investors to encourage that development.

STV   Solar Thermal Collector

New CPS-Air- cooling system





•    Capacity: 120 liters

•    No other tank is nessesary

•    Design is looking like Solar Flat Heater

•    Characteristic: Can be installed on all kind of

      roofs including angle roofs

•    Easy to install without special requirements

There are many benefits of home insulation. Insulating your home will add to your comfort, create a healthier home environment, reduce your energy bills and have a positive environmental impact.

Insulation assists greatly in keeping heat within a building in winter and slowing the flow of heat into the building in summer. An insulated building will therefore be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating a more comfortable environment all year round.
Reduced Noise Levels:

Insulation is an excellent sound absorber and can assist in reducing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors making the home or work environment quieter.

Saving on Energy Costs:

Insulating can cut the cost of heating and cooling by over 60%. Insulating the ceiling of a house has the potential to save 60 -70% on heating and cooling bills. Heating and air conditioning units don’t have to run as hard or as long to achieve the desired  temperature in the building.

SSE  Solar Sea Water


SDT  Solar UV-Desinfection GlassTube


•  This special Solar Seawater Evaporator extraction 

    distillation water from the seawater.

•  In the second step the destillat water percolation in

    the ground and the groundwater level goes high

•  Special mad for Islands.

New Solar-Water Heater- storrage Sytem 2 tank-system „all in one“

•  To storrage  hot and cold water,  spezial

    for hot countries!

•  Tank  1: For storrage and keeping coldwater

    long time .

•  Tank 2: This solar Heater is producing and

    keeping hot water  till 80°C

•  No other Solar-collector nessesary !!!

•  The Thermal Solar-absorber is the Tank with

    special coating and translucent insulation


•  Solar shadow and electricity dispenser

•  For charging  E-Cars

•  For supply the electricity for transportable air- 

    conditon  inside the car

•  Also sit and lay down on the beach under this

    electricity and shadow dispensor

Solar thermal heat - Vakuum-Storage-Collektor


Definition and Advantages:

This special air conditioning system will replace traditional air conditioning installations with there negative effects of a high demand of energy and

causing severe illnesses through their spreading of bacteria and fungi.


The system will use about 70 % less energy than traditional air  conditioning systems without sending pollutants to the environment.

This product will be primarily developed for office buildings, houses and hotels in order to reduce the costs of energy for cooling is up to 60%.


•It will lead to a luxury climate inside the rooms. When this insulation is used as a “wall cover” warm and cold temperatures from outside will not get inside the rooms.

•This insulation is flexible and is working like a mirror which drops the outside temperature from foil to foil. 16 cm of styrofoam has the same insulation factor as 3.6 cm of our material.

•Especially this insulation is suitable for aluminum cover on buildings.


We either search for a company who is interested to produce this insulation, or we will find an investor who is willing to open a start-up company with us.


Solar-Windcraft Generator

Energy – Hybrid of sun and wind. (All in one)

•  Windcraft (electricity)

•  PV electricity solar

•  High capacity battery – System

•  Thermal heat solar and storage system

Definition and Advantages:

This combination of Windcraft and PV-Solar is only possible, because we get now FLEXIBLE Solar foil with an efficiency of 20%. Also the new storage battery is a component of this system.So its possible to charge wind electricity at the day and night and Solar-V on day  and  charge the batteries.

  • This system does not need urban power grid !

  • The power of SWG – 1. prototype will be 5kW (2.5 kW on PC-Solar and 2.5 kW on Wind energy with 12 kW battery storage.

  • The calculation of the  entire yield is near by  8300kW/H                 

  • -    (4500kW/H + 3800kW/H              

      -         24 kW/H/day



•  SDT Solar Desinfection UV-Glass Tube works with 

    energy of PV-Solar autarce.

•  The solar Glass Tube has 100mm diameter . So          much water can get desinfection  by flow

•  3 special arranged UV- Tubes (12V) and a cover 

    mirrow brings high efficiency

Solar PV Carport – electricity charger

Insolate Foil

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