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•  Return of Investment in a short

    time due to the rapid construktion


•  Lower Laborcost due to the

    light weight of the components

    and easy instalation of cables

    and piplines.

The effective way

to stop wasting energy and money at your building 


     Benefits for house owner: 

  • Save 70% of your monthly electricity costs for air conditioning. 

  • Increase the value of your home by product quality and long warranty service.

  • Sound insolation on RW = 45 dB guarantee a quite living. 

  • Saving monthly interest rates for a home loan. 

  • Moving in after a very short construction period. 

  • Living healthy by better indoor climate. ​​

Benefits for

construction companies: 

  • Low labor costs about 1/3 of the

      conventional construction methods.

  • No heavy work due to the light construction materials. 

  • More sales per year due to the short

      construction period. 

  • Satisfied customers by saving money

      due to the many advantages.

  • Flexible architecture. 

  • Earthquake safety up to level 7

  • Providing long quality warranty  

Thermoblock Details

Block Details.png

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