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Energy Saving Construction System

The effective way to stop wasting energy and money at your building 

Advantage of the Insulating Concrete Construction:

Benefits for Customers: 

  • Save 70% of your monthly electricity costs for air conditioning. 

  • Saving monthly interest rates for a home loan. 

  • Moving in after a very short construction period. 

  • Living healthy by better indoor climate. 

  • Sound insolation on RW = 45 dB guarantee a quite living. 

  • Increase the value of your home by product quality and long warranty service.

Benefits for construction companies: 

  • Low labor costs about 1/3 of the conventional              construction methods.

  • No heavy work due to the light construction materials. 

  • More sales per year due to the short construction period. 

  • Flexible architecture. 

  • Earthquake safety up to level 7

  • Providing long quality warranty  

  • Satisfied customers by saving money due to the many advantages 


•  Return of Investment in a short time due to the rapid

    construktion components

•  Lower Laborcost due to the light weight of the

    components and easy instalation of cables and




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Fire protection

Thermoblock Details

Be Smart save Money every Month

Material Desciption

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Thermoblock Wallsystem is made of foamed NEOPOR with a density of 27 kg per m3 and has isolier value of U- 22 and fire resistanz according the DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1


There are two different  wall dimensions:


  • 25 cm with 8cm concrete core for one floor buildings 

  • 37 cm with 20 cm concret core up to 12 floor buildings