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Diseases caused by Aircon bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Asthma diseases and mold spores are causing big problems for people with allergies.
The Aircon dries out the mucous membranes, making them more susceptible to all types of pathogens.

Viruses generally have an easy path to invade dry mucous membranes.
It can also develop a severe pneumonia with high fever, also known as Legionnaires disease.
Healthy with a better living environment due to the following systems
Due to the insulation of walls, windows and roof, the air conditioner will run less and air flow with dust and bacteria will not constantly attack the health.
In addition, you can gain better air with the Air fresh filter system, clean up dust and kill off bacteria.

A quiet living due to insulation of the walls and windows ensures better quality of life.

Replace the old chemical chlorine water treatment system from the pool with a new, healthier mineral system.
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