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Less Invasive Boost to HGH

Less Invasive Boost
The HGH Gel approach reduces the invasive and potentially damaging long-term effects associated with other methods. This is a more natural process using direct skin contact and absorption which results in a more positive approach. As a result, the risks to long-term health associated with earlier methods are reduced.

The HGH Difference

HGH Difference

New H Life’s HGH Gel gel targets stimulation of HGH production to help return the body’s natural process used to promote healthy growth and development in youth. As a result, people can get back to living a healthier, more active, and fulfilling lifestyle. When living a healthier lifestyle, people see improvements in their physical appearance as a boost for their confidence. It is truly the positive impact it has on people both physically and mentally that provides the most benefits.

By making up for the naturally-occurring deficiency we experience in HGH as we age, we can help overcome the devastating effects on our physical and mental energy, appearance, and overall sense of wellbeing. With SomaDerm, you can support your HGH levels for a happier and healthier you.

A Customized Approach


Another unique approach used by New H Life is that they understand there is no one size fits all approach to health and aging. The products available through New H Life, therefore, are designed to address a person’s overall health needs to help them make the most of the products they use. Although we all like to think there is a magic, miracle fountain of youth to help us avoid aging, it takes a whole-body approach to help keep fit and look your best. This is why it is important for people to understand there is also no such thing as an overnight “cure” for aging.

Aging is a process and therefore, any steps taken to help slow down the process will take some time. However, when combined with a healthier lifestyle, it is possible to start seeing results in just a few weeks. Methods to reduce the signs of aging and help slow down this natural process must consider all aspects of a person’s health, their unique DNA, and other important information to come up with a wellness strategy that will help them see the best possible results.

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