Become a Member of the New Team in Thailand

As a member of our team, you have the great opportunity to be at the very top.

The product will be FDA registered in Thailand at the end of this year and there will be a big opening event where the management from the USA and a doctor will be present.
Many members, friends and interested parties will be there to learn more about the Somaderm product and the New H Life business model.

Until this event, we want to strengthen our team with smart members like you.
You get the chance to be among the first at the top and on the day of the event many new customers will register with you, us.

As a member, you have to contribute a minimum of USD 200 and a maximum of USD 999. The difference between USD 200 and USD 999 is that you have a correspondingly large amount of Somaderm's own goods available to pass on to your interested parties.

Your profit can be up to USD 30,000 and more per month.

You only have to find two more interested parties and you've already done your job. We in the team help you to find interested parties so that we can achieve success together.

Why is That?

What do i have to do?

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