SWG Solar-Windcraft Generator

Energy – Hybrid of sun and wind. (All in one)

•  Windcraft (electricity)

•  PV electricity solar

•  High capacity battery – System

•  Thermal heat solar and storage system

Definition and Advantages:

This combination of Windcraft and PV-Solar is only possible, because we get now FLEXIBLE Solar foil with an efficiency of 20%. Also the new storage battery is a component of this system.So its possible to charge wind electricity at the day and night and Solar-V on day  and  charge the batteries.

  • This system does not need urban power grid !

  • The power of SWG – 1. prototype will be 5kW (2.5 kW on PC-Solar and 2.5 kW on Wind energy with 12 kW battery storage.

  • The calculation of the  entire yield is near by  8300kW/H                 

  • -    (4500kW/H + 3800kW/H              

      -         24 kW/H/day





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