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Education Service

Ikue Education Service is  specializes in providing educational services such as the placement of experienced instructors for school in Thailand and private English language and German language course.


We are also providing academic counseling for students who are pursuing to participants to studies in technology short-term or 1 years in Germany.


Furthermore we educate in solar engineering and energy saving properties including related construction material. 



Renewable Energies

- Saving Energy 

- Solar Systems  

- Water recycling


- House insulation  

- Construction materials

We also prepare all necessary application documents and visa and guarantee full support for the entire study period.


Our Education services provide for our participants to

share their gifts and talents in ways that will not only

help others, but will also enrich and expand

their world.

   Select our Skills

Education Language

Education Solar

Education energy saving properties


It's exciting to complete a new project or contract, but it can also be overwhelming. Our project management services provide the guidance, coaching and tools you need to master new challenges with skill and flair. First, we will define the requirements of the new project and explain how your internal resource can meet and exceed the requirements of the project.


Our consulting services are specifically geared to environmental protection projects and related products. The protection of natural resources and the environment, has the highest priority and great economic growth. The decision to invest will always generate profits.
Renewable energies and the development of new technologies will help to save our planet in the future. 
Also education service helps to understand to use new technologies even in countries that still have no understanding for protecting the environment.

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