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Energy Saving
Roof insulation

Sustainable Energy Saving Concept


Increase the value of your existing building by converting it to a certified Eco-Building and save 70% energy costs.​


For example we prepare the following preconception for the saving of energy costs and the creation of an ecological and sustainable infrastructure which also serves for environmental protection and as targeted advertising. The intended measures also achieve an increase in the value of the property.

Energy Saving:


The estimated total energy savings from electricity can be about 50% up to 70%. This total energy savings can only be achieved in the context of the different systems described in the sustainable

The basis for the implementation of an Eco Concept is a precise determination of the current situation and all data

1. Electricity network architecture and electricity bill.

2. Device characteristics and consumption data.

3. Building structure and material characteristics.

4. Water treatment system ingredients and water bill.

Stay healthy with a better living environment.

Less of air conditioning and air flow with dust and bacteria.

Better air due to the air fresh system.

Quiet living due to insulation of the walls and windows.

Less chlorine and smell in the pool water due to mineral system.

Save and generate electricity in a common cycle of the following systems

a) Wall, roof insulation and insulating windows.

b) Solar thermal system for hot water production (washing  machine, dishwasher, shower).

c) Electricity - generating solar power system (PV) for power generation, also can be use as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS ), optionally coupled with battery system for emergency.

d) Replace the pool and pond pumps with energy saving pumps. A specially techniques to save 73% of energy

e)  Install a main switch in each area and replace incandescent lights with LEDs technology.

f) Replace the conventional water heaters storage with hygienic water storage combined with solar hybrid modules.

Energy saving 

Pool and Pond Pumps.

  • Save 90% of your monthly electricity costs.

  • Extremely Quiet

  • 5 Years Warranty  

  • German Quality Product

The Experience shows many pool owners are wrongly advised. Pumps either under or oversized and also the filter system increase the electricity costs.
What we are doing for you is a precisely calculate of your pool system and your power consumption to maximize energy savings. Furthermore, we offer you the replacement of your old chemical chlorine water treatment to a new healthier mineral system which also saves energy and your costs for chlorine will be eliminated.

Use our form  below and fill In the details of your pump. 

We will calculate for you the return on investment.  


Wall insulation

Wall insulation is one of a very efficient way to save energy especially in hot countries where the sun directly irradiates the walls. Subsequent insulation of the walls can be carried out by specialists in short construction phases.

Construction System for Isolated Buldings

The effective way to stop wasting energy and money at your building

  • Save 70% of your monthly electricity costs for air conditioning. 

  • Saving monthly interest rates for a home loan. 

  • Moving in after a very short construction period. 

  • Living healthy by better indoor climate. 


  • Earthquake safety up to level 7

  • Providing long quality warranty  

  • Satisfied customers by saving money due to the many advantages 

  • Sound insolation on RW = 45 dB guarantee a quite living. ​

  • Increase the value of your home by product quality and long warranty service.


  • Low labor costs about 1/3 of the conventional construction methods.

  • No heavy work due to the light construction materials. 

  • More sales per year due to the short construction period. 

  • Flexible architecture.