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ADDIMIX ST product line for Soil Stabilization

Our product AberCrete ST for soil stabilization is the result of more than 25 years of research and development and a permanent process of innovation for our clients.


The present product AberCrete ST is the most advanced of all worldwide products for soil stabilization (7h level of innovation). Various tests of independent institutes have proved that AberCrete ST meets all individual requirements

in an optimal way.


Using AberCrete ST in various construction projects under different geological and climatical circumstances has resulted in average savings of money and time.

Cement Additive ST for Soil Stabilization

You save MONEY & TIME because you can recycle the old existing road and save on transport costs for the removal of the old road material.

You save MONEY & TIME because you do not have to transport that much material for the necessary layers as you need in conventional road construction.

You save MONEY & TIME because you only have to mix the existing soil with our additive and Portland cement to stabilize your substrate layer for the first layer of your road construction.

You save MONEY & TIME because you only need 8 working steps instead of 13 due to the lower number of layers.

You save MONEY & TIME because the road construction is very resistant and durable over many years and you can spend your time on new projects to make more money..






The mineral Additive is a hydraulic binder system with two product lines. First it is used for, among others, the Stabilization of Soils within Road Construction projects and second for the Immobilization of Hazardous Pollutants in the Ground. For both appliances it is characteristic that no excavation of the old soil, no waste removal and no filling material is required. This will result in time and money savings.

Innovative  & unrivalled Cement Additive Products.   SOLUTIONS MADE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

AberCrete is added to cement with a share of 2 % and mixed together with the in-situ soil material.

By adding water AberCrete increases the formation of crystalline structures during the cement hydration process.


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