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Application PROCESS in 6 steps

Procedure for:


Removal of the polluted soil layer by layer, about 5 cm each time. There should be a few hours time gap between each removal so that the upper layer has the chance to dry off and get the moisture out. The dry soil will finally be evacuated and mixed with AberCrete IM.

Application procedure

The procedure is similar to the process for road construction with our special cement additive:

Water, Portland Cement and additive will be mixed together in order to shape a strong and solid layer that no rainwater can go through anymore. Therefore the pollutants in the soil underneath the platform will not be washed out in the future and finally harm the ground water.

Our product AberCrete IM is, besides AberCrete ST, part of the Addtive product family. All Additive products are the result of a consistent and market-orientated enhancement for more than 25 years. Various tests of independent institutes have proved that AberCrete IM meets all individual requirements in an optimal way.


AberCrete IM is providing a solid contribution in protecting humans as well as nature from hazardous pollutants, where natural disasters or accidents with harmful substances have already happened. The application of AberCrete IM is generally the same as with AberCrete ST. The product will be mixed with Portland cement and the given soil. The exact proportion will be determined by the expected standard of performance.

Cement Additive for Immobilization

Application procedure of AberCrete IM in cases when there is a heavy polluted area with several meters down:

ADDIMIX production line IM for the IMMOBILIZATION 

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