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The topic

"environment" is

becoming more and more

important, as climate change

is giving us more and more weather catastrophes.In order to counteract this,

mankind is forced to save Co², especially

in industry and individual traffic. In order to

reach the climate goals of Paris, and to

prevent rising weather catastrophes

and thus temperature rises, new

developments in the area of

environment, energy saving

and energy production

are needed.


The global economy is

becoming weaker and weaker,

and the stock markets are also becoming

increasingly unpredictable. The earnings from

oil products are becoming ever lower and barely

cover expenses. As a result, oil-producing countries

are losing massive tax revenues and have even been forced to levy a tax on petrol. In the long run this situation leads to a fiasco.

What does this mean for large corporations, investors ?Rethink as long as there are no

financial reserves and invest in

environmental technologies! This is 

where the future of the

world market lies! 

About Us

Ikue Consulting

was founded in Bangkok Thailand

with Thai and German shareholders due

to the extensive opportunities in Thailand

especially in the areas of Renewable energies, development and energy saving properties.


Furthermore, we formed the business area

quality management and

education service.


​Every member of

Ikue Consulting is an experienced

professional who brings distinct strengths

and specialities to the company. We work

together as team to ensure that your project

has the skill sets required to succeed. 

We are specifically geared to environmental

protection projects and related products.

The protection of natural resources and

the environment, has the highest

priority and a great

economic growth.

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