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Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source.

With a full array of exciting renewable energy technologies, Ikue Consulting strong history together with our suppliers of innovation continues to help customers of all sizes to meet their sustainability goals. From utilities to commercial and industrial customers, we work with the unique needs of each customer, site, and application to deliver the right solution.

Ineteen percent of the energy consumed globally for heating, power, and transportation was from renewable sources in 2015 .

About half came from modern renewables (i.e., biomass, geothermal, solar, hydro, wind, and biofuels) and half from traditional biomass (used in residential heating and cooking in developing countries).

Renewables made up 24 percent of global electricity generation in 2014. That’s expected to rise to 31 percent by 2040. Most of the increase will likely come from wind and hydropower.

The International Energy Agency notes that the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies will depend heavily on government policies to make renewable energy cost-competitive.

Renewable energy developments have an enormous potential...

that potential can be realized at a reasonable cost. Market research shows that many customers will purchase renewable power even if it costs somewhat more than conventional power.

However, both economic theory and experience point to significant market barriers and market failures that will limit the development of renewables unless special policy measures are enacted and private investors to encourage that development.

All Parts of Energy Saving

Energy Saving Construction

There are many benefits of home insulation. Insulating your home will add to your comfort, create a healthier home environment, reduce your energy bills and have a positive environmental impact.

Insulation assists greatly in keeping heat within a building in winter and slowing the flow of heat into the building in summer. An insulated building will therefore be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating a more comfortable environment all year round.
Reduced Noise Levels:

Insulation is an excellent sound absorber and can assist in reducing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors making the home or work environment quieter.

Saving on Energy Costs:

Insulating can cut the cost of heating and cooling by over 60%. Insulating the ceiling of a house has the potential to save 60 -70% on heating and cooling bills. Heating and air conditioning units don’t have to run as hard or as long to achieve the desired  temperature in the building.

  • Save 90% of your monthly electricity costs.

  • Extremely Quiet

  • 5 Years Warranty  

  • German Quality Product

The Experience shows many pool owners are wrongly advised. Pumps either under or oversized and also the filter system increase the electricity costs.
What we are doing for you is a precisely calculate of your pool system and your power consumption to maximize energy savings. Furthermore, we offer you the replacement of your old chemical chlorine water treatment to a new healthier mineral system which also saves energy and your costs for chlorine will be eliminated.

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The effective way to stop wasting energy and money with your Pool and Pond. 

ADDIMIX Cement Additive for Soil Stabilization & Immobilization

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Eco Pump

Our ADDIMIX for soil stabilization is the result of more than 20 years of research and development and a permanent process of innovation for our worldwide clients. 
The present product is the most advanced of all worldwide products for soil stabilization (6h level of innovation). Various tests of independent institutes have proved that our product meets all individual requirements in an optimal way.
Using our ADDIMIX in various construction projects worldwide under different geological and climatical circumstances has resulted in average savings of money and time of 30%.

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