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We align our sustainable

concept based on your personal

wishes and the data that we determine from

your property. In the end, you decide which measures we should implement.

The concept consists of the following options:
Energy generation through renewable energies.

Insulation of the building against heat or cold

Hygienic cold and hot water storage.

Energy saving applications.

Ventilation of the building.
Wastewater treatment.


Implementation of the Sustainable concept

The basis for the implementation of an Sustainable Concept is a precise determination of the current situation and all data.

The following data is required:


1. Electricity network architecture and electricity bill.


2. Device characteristics and consumption data.

3. Building structure and material characteristics.

4. Water treatment system ingredients and water bill.

Healthy with a better living environment.
Diseases caused by Aircon bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Asthma diseases and mold spores are causing big problems
for people with allergies.
The Aircondries out the mucous membranes, making them more susceptible to all types of pathogens.
Viruses generally have an easy
path to invade dry mucous membranes. It can also develop a severe pneumonia with high fever, also known as Legionnaires disease.

Living healthy to the following systems.

  • Less of air conditioning and air flow without dust and bacteria.

  • Better air due to the air fresh system.

  • Quiet living due to insulation of the walls and windows.

  • Less chlorine and smell in the pool water due to mineral system.

Light System.png

Save and generate electricity in a common
cycle of the following systems

a) Wall, roof insulation and insulating windows.

b) Solar thermal system for hot water production (washing  machine, dishwasher, shower).

c) Electricity - generating solar power system (PV) for power generation, also can be use as an

    uninterruptible power supply (UPS ), optionally coupled with battery system for emergency.

d) Replace the pool and pond pumps with energy saving pumps. A specially techniques to save

    73% of  energy.

e) Install a main switch in each area and replace incandescent lights with LEDs technology.

f)  Replace the conventional water heaters storage with hygienic water storage combined

    with solar hybrid modules.

Wall insulation

Wall insulation is one of a very efficient way to save energy

especially in hot countries where the sun directly irradiates the

walls. Subsequent insulation of the walls can be carried out by

specialists in short construction phases.

There are 5 Steps:

  • Cover outer walls with fire-resistant special polystyrene panels.

  • Apply the first layer of plaster.

  • Apply a fine plastic mesh to avoid cracks in the plaster.

  • Apply the second layer of plaster.

  • Apply the third layer of fine plaster to improve the final look.

Thrmoblok Sustainabl

Construction System for Isolated Buldings

The effective way to stop wasting energy and money at your building

  • Save 70% of your monthly electricity costs for air conditioning. 

  • Saving monthly interest rates for a home loan. 

  • Moving in after a very short construction period. 

  • Living healthy by better indoor climate. ​​​

  • Earthquake safety up to level 7

  • Providing long quality warranty

  • Increase the value of your home by product quality and long                 warranty service ​

  • Satisfied customers by saving money due to the many advantages 

  • Sound insolation on RW = 45 dB guarantee a quite living. ​.​​​​

  • Low labor costs about 1/3 of the conventional construction methods.

  • No heavy work due to the light construction materials. 

  • More sales per year due to the short construction period. 

  • Flexible architecture. 

Insulating Windows

Especially in Asia the windows have no insulating glass and are not tight, so that causes a high energy loss. Some of the buildings have over 70% glass surfaces but well overshadowed. Nevertheless, a high loss of energy takes place because the single glass and sliding elements do not seal well and are not closed 100%.

Solar System and Energy Storage


The installation of photovoltaic systems on industrial roofs, hotel complexes and privat properties is up 24 percent of global electricity generation in 2014. That’s expected to rise to 31 percent by 2040. 

Investing in solar energy is always worthwhile and essential for all property owners.

Solar thermal system 

Using a Solar Thermal Sytem for hot water production (washing  machine, dishwasher, shower).

Energy saving 

Pool and Pond Pumps.

  • Save 90% of your monthly electricity costs.

  • Extremely Quiet

  • 5 Years Warranty  

  • German Quality Product

The Experience shows many pool owners are wrongly advised. Pumps either under or oversized and also the filter system increase the electricity costs. What we are doing for you is a precisely calculate of your pool system and your power consumption to maximize energy savings. Furthermore, we offer you the replacement of your old chemical chlorine water treatment to a new healthier mineral system which also saves energy and your costs for chlorine will be eliminated. 

Save and generate water with a blackand gray water system and water retention

  • saves 70% water

  • 100% mineral product

  • reduces fertilizer consumtion up to 89%

  • shortening the vegitation period up to 30%

  • increase of the total production up to 100%

  • reduces CO2 in the transportation

Silabaal is a fertilizer that the world desperately needs due to climate change. The fertilizer is 100% natural product and speeding up the photosynthesis process.
The fertilizer increases the quality and quantity of the harvest.

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