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solar / wind / solar thermal

Due to many of our own developments,

our engineers are always up to date and

always one step closer to the future. Thus, al 

the necessary technologies are available toensure

our clients a safe implementation of their projects. The experience always shows us how flexibly the engineering

has to be adapted. The focus for an effective implementation of energy yields is the preparation of a very specific calculation and detailed planning.

Due to the application of our special technology, the

optimum in energy gain can be achieved for our

customers. Effective engineering also requires the

selection of appropriat long-life materials and

technologies. We have worldwide access to a

wide range of materials, modules and

inverters, as well as integrating all types

of the latest storage


Education Service

Ikue Education Service is specializes in

providing educational services such as  in solar

engineering and energy saving properties including

related construction material. 


- Saving Energy 

- Solar Systems  

- Water recycling

- House insulation  

- Construction materials

We are also providing academic counseling for

students who are pursuing to participants

to studies in technology short-term or

1 years in Germany.

​​Furthermore we providing

educational services such as the

placement of experienced instructors

for school in Thailand and private English language and German language course.


We also prepare all necessary application documents and visa and guarantee full support for the entire study period.

Our educational services provide that our participants share their gifts and Talents

in a way that just won't help others,

but also enrich themand

expand their world.

Investment Service

We design and execute financial

strategies to enrich our clients and develop

their business interests. We work with a wealth

management advisory and securities firm that can

provide private, four-year senior real estate / commercial / infrastructure / mergers and acquisitions loans for projects worldwide. Interest rates

are based on 1 year US Libor + 2.00% and local currency

loans are available. Project owners with sufficient cash

capital and projects ready for development or acquisition

are encouraged to consider our information on

our dedicated page.

Furthermore, there are opportunities to generate

profits with an investment in our own

cryptocurrencies, which we present

on our own blockchain, combined

with our own bank and

shopping mall.

Energy Saving Constructions

The insulation of buildings is an

important contribution to environmental

protection in conjunction with renewable energies.

The experience of 35 years is available to our German and foreign engineers and project managers. We also give our experience and know-how in our education service in the form of special training courses. For the insulation of houses

and buildings with cladding facades, we

use high quality and different processes

and materials which also come

partly from our own




It's exciting to complete a

new project or contract, but it can also be overwhelming.


Our project management services provide the guidance, coaching and tools you need to master new challenges with skill and flair.

First, we will define the requirements of

the new project and explain how

your internal resource can meet and

exceed the requirements of

the project.

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