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Customer Informations

Payment and trust


Dear customer,

it seems that even our major customers do not know the business rules and laws in china.

That is why we are now informing you of how strict the rules and laws in China are.

China government together with central bank of china and customs. control every money transfer in detail, especially large amounts and the situation of the Corona virus mask business.



Contracts are concluded with our Chinese and Indian partner companies or directly with the factory that are under the control mentioned above.


Payments via SBLC:

Payment via MT103 direct transfer is more welcome than bank letter of credit for the Chinese because it involves a lot of effort. For SBLC procedure, in the first step we need the bank name and an example of the SBLC to make possible it will work together with seller´s bank.



Ikue Consulting and its partner agents in China and India take care for our customers and control and monitor the entire process from the selection of the quality of the factory to delivery.




Dear customer,


During an epidemic, pandemic, or in an emergency, health agencies often refer to these standards when making recommendations for respirators. For example, they give the recommendation "Use protective masks of the type FFP2, N95, or an equivalent mask". According to the official comparison of 3M, the following protective masks can be described as “equivalent” in the filtering of bioaerosols (e.g. viruses, coronavirus), air pollution PM2.5, or Vuklan bridges:


  • FFP2 =            (Europe EN 149-2001)

  • N95   =            (United States NIOSH-42CFR84)

  • KN95 =           (China GB2626-2006)

Take care 11.png

Take care of customers

und products:

  • We test and check the goods and manufacturers personally.

  • We check the capacities and availability of the goods every day.

  • We do our best to keep the prices acceptable and to update them promptly.

  • We take full responsibility together with our partners in the event of an unpredictable situation.

  • We are flexible as far as the circumstances allow and always keen to help.


Certificates, Test reports

and Export.


Dear customer,

We do not understand those issues and worries regarding certificates, test reports and export documents, due to the fact that those documents are mandatory and the laws. Please find our answers below.


1) There is a certificate and export papers for every product, this is mandatory and the law.


2) These certificates are part of every contract and are provided 100%.


3) No export without this paper or test report !!!

That is why there are companies that export with the strictest control and very high requirements and laws.


4) We have 9 different factories only for the masks.

With a 100% clear order letter in which the quantity, delivery time and price are clear, the factories will be determined who can meet these requirements.


5) As we mention in another information before, LC payment is not really welcome and waste time and cost money. Cash transfer is without any risk, especially on the subject of medical products, due to the fact that every receipt of money must bring proof of a contract with all certificates etc. No money can be withdrawn without submitting the appropriate contract or invo


Payment conditions:

We offer 3 differnt kind of payment method. Most welcome ist 100% TT / direct transfer due to the fakt it dose not waste time ans money. Of course Buyer`s afraid to send  out money via direct transfer.
So here we are with  the options

1) TT/ wire dirct transfer 100%

2) TT/ wirde direkt transfer 30% down payment and 70% after inspection as the Seller`s port.

3) 100% L/C ( SBLC ) 48 hours after sing SPA.To releas direct after inspection as the Seller`s port.


3M 1860 / 3M 8210


Good news for our product KN95 and KN95 Valve:


Due to the fact that many customers asking for 3M Mask, this information below explaining that our KN95 and KN95 Valve can be used in the hospital for nurse and doctors recommend by the doctor`s and compared with 3M 1860.

On this point, it is necessary to use N95 masks in large quantities, but donors themselves are not medical personnel.  Being unable to distinguish the type of N95 is normal and can be understood.


This post, I would like to give you basic knowledge on what kind of N95 donations that hospitals can actually use.  Will be in accordance with your donation spirit  And didn't give money to stores claiming to sell N95, but actually the product isn't up to standard.

1. What is the N95 respirator?
 - Even though the respirator is called respirator  But in this case, it means the mask. In Thai, the N95 mask is a mask that can filter particles (aerosol, airborne particles) that are not contaminated with 95% of oil, which, if used in medical, can protect personnel from the germs that spread.  By air (airborne infectious diseases)

 2. See how the N95 mask that we will donate to various hospitals.  

The hospital can actually use
 - The easiest way to check  That is, having a standard unit inspecting for us  The simplest standard to look for is NIOSH in America. The N95 standard mask must have the words N95 and NIOSH certified masks.  Number must be specified  The license also went down on the mask.  Which begins with TC and is followed by 84A (see example in the illustration)

 3. If not specified as surgical grade N95, can the hospital be used?
 - Can only be used if the text in item 2 is complete, such as the 3M Model 8210 as a standard N95 respirator, while the 3M model 1870+ is a surgical N95 respirator which can be used to take care of both airborne infectious diseases.  
 - The difference is that surgical grade filters both particles both inhaled and expelled by wearer and prevents spills (fluid resistance, barrier to splashes, droplets), while standard  grade mainly filters particles inhaled by wearer
 - Although no surgical grade is specified, donations can be made  But it is the duty of the hospital to know that it is non-surgical grade N95 in order to choose it suitable for the usage context.

4. Can N95 with exhale valve be used?
 - Can be used if the text in Article 2 is complete, medical personnel can use it to look after patients in general activities, except in areas that require sterile, such as exhalation valves should not be used in situations where a sterile  field is required) because the exhaled breath will not be filtered in any way.  Can contaminate the sterile field.
 - However, experts suggest that in the case of a nebulizer or intubation, this mask should not be used.  Because there is a space for aerosol to have a chance to creep in.

5. N95 There are many shapes (shell, duck mouth, sailboat, etc.) which model should be chosen?
 - can use all forms  If the text in item 2 is complete, however, every hospital should have at least 2 N95 respirators, because each one has a window. One type of N95 may not fit everyone's face. (Wearing a N95 mask needs to fit the face perfectly.)

6. Covid's disease can spread through the air.

Therefore causing medical personnel to wear an N95 respirator
 - Both yes and no
 - The main is no  Covid disease is mainly spread by droplet and contact. People can use surgical masks and hand washing.  In self-defense
 - But in some cases, yes, such as having medical procedures such as inhalation, endotracheal intubation  Including the examination of patients in the room and patients with coughing or sneezing, will cause particles (aerosol) that can float far in the air  In cases like this, we call  Therefore, medical personnel need to wear the N95 respirator in taking care of Covid's patients.

7. N95-equivalent respirator
 - FFP2 (Europe), KN95 (China), P2 (Australia / New Zealand), Korea 1st class, KF94 (Korea), DS2 (Japan) .These are classified as N95 NIOSH equivalent respirators. 

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