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The usability of the associated exceptional wallet, with its possibilities and functions, is crucial for flexible trading.


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Background and History of  FFF Islamic Coin?


The FFF Islamic coin was launched in July 2021 for 1 Euro. So far it has risen to 21.00 Euros. In the next few months, the FFF Islamic Coin will rise to an estimated 50 Euros and after we start trading on the major market it will continue to rise.


The wallet for the Google Play Store is ready and we will publish both wallets when Apple iTunes Wallet is ready.

The 3 F Bank for exchanging the coin into cash is still waiting for the necessary licenses and will be available in january 2022 at the latest.

The first purchase can only be made by registering on our website. The wallet is then available to every registered buyer. 

The FFF Islamic Coin will be traded on the major markets in January 2022.


For investors and private beginners, there is now the chance to make big profits.

What is FFF Islamic Coin?

Asset Backed Crypto - True value!

FFF Islamic Coin was developed as a hybrid of Bitcoin, Ethereum and traditional banking. Our FFF Islamic Coin is safe, stable and therefore successful.


Simply exchange the FFF Islamic Coin in cash directly via the  3 F Bank on your local account or load it directly on your master card or in cash to cash trading on your integrated account.

What is the basis on which the FFF Islamic Coin stands?

A cryptocurrency is only as stable as the basis on which it stands and what it can be used for in the end.


The FFF Islamic Coin is based on many years of experience in gold and diamonds as well as in the jewelry trade.

FFF Islamic Coin leads the physical gold mining and trading of LBMA certified gold via our FFF platform and thus the share of the mined profits back to its token holders.

FFF Islamic Coin owns the gold, jewelry and precious stones. Everything we produce is therefore not influenced by rising or falling prices against the USD. The gold production costs are integrated into the FFF Islamic Coin business model with a safety margin.


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Exchange to cash

In the near future our coin can be exchanged for cash via several options.


  • Through your own 3F bank

  • Recharge cash directly to your master card.

  • Selling cash to cash and transfer to your account.

  • Selling via our exchange platform

  • Simply exchange the FFF Islamic Coin in cash.

  • The wallet offer many different options for purchasing products.

  • Booking options for various offers are possible. 

  • FFF Islamic Coin is completely independent, outside the banking system and free from encumbrances.

  • FFF Islamic Coin is decentralized and useful for every type of legal transaction, peer-to-peer of international trade with enormous scalability and lowest costs for any commodity.

How useful is the FFF Islamic Coin Wallet?

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3F Wallet

The 3 F Wallet is extraordinary with the available functions and networking. The various possibilities for trade and exchange are exceptional.

Our future 3 F bank allows the ISI Coin to be traded and exchanged flexibly. Simply exchange the ISI in cash directly via the 3 F Bank on your local account or load it directly on your master card or in cash to cash trading on your integrated account. 

Of course, you can also use the wallet for many different options to purchasing products. Booking options for various offers are also possible without much effort.


Investor Relation

We like to share our future for the Islamic Coin. Right now it is the best time for a big change in the crypto business due to the extreme changes in the banking and currency nature and digital payment options.


Perhaps you are one of the conscientious Investor with the appropriate financial resources to do something relevant for the future.


Become part of our company and take advantage of the opportunities to invest and manage your capital safely and profitably


3 F Community

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Welcome to our FFF Islamic Coin community.

The community was specially set up to work out the sales and purchasing process more efficiency.


Developments in the field of crypto currency can be intensified and accelerated in the community.


The exchange of experiences helps to accelerate development processes and solve problems together.

So each member is an additional step forward to enlarge the success.


If you like to increase the success of the community, you are welcome and we are very grateful if you register here.

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